Complete Operating Dental Chair Unit FDA & CE Approved

Multifunctional Control Panel
PU Color Sheet    

Supply Voltage (110V 60Hz or 220V 50Hz ) 
Air Pressure (>0.55Mpa) 
Water Pressure (0.2Mpa-.04Mpa) 
Lowest position of Dental chair (440mm) 
Highest position of Dental chair (860mm) 
Highest smallest angle of Dental Chair ( 5°) 
Lowest smallest angle of Dental Chair ( 85°) 
Package: 100*138*20 cm 
Weight: 200KG 
Width: 52cm 
Length: 185cm max

All controlled by the electric valve 
DC Motor. (2000N) 
Automatic thermostatic water supply system 
Handpiece tubing with standard fittings (3sets) 
Three way springe (one for hot ,one for cold)(2sets) 
Water suction and saliva ejector (1set) 
Powerful suction (HVE) apparatus (1set) 
Easy cleaning Integral ceramic spittoon 
Built-in Water purified system with bottle 
Strong and weak dual-purpose LED cold lamp (1set) 
Low-tension X-film viewer (1set) 
Spirit lock tight Equilibrium Device 
Doctor stool (1set) 
Suitable for adult and children headrest 
Foot pedal (1set)