Lovely Dinosaur design Children dental Chair Unit


One unit, 2 different versions. 
         Standard Configuration
1.Dinosaur cartoon chair 1 set
2.Un-memory control system 1 set
3.Dinosaur chair stretch tail 1 pc
4.Adjustable headrest 1 set
5.Smile apple ceramic cuspidor 1 set
6.LED operation light with sensor 1 set
7.Devilfish tray with arm or by movement cart 1 set
8.Normal suction saliva system 1 set
9.Water supply transition system 1 set
10.Automatic Heating water system 1 set
11.Three way Syringe (one for hot and one for cold) 2 pcs
12.Handpiece tubing tow high / one low 3 pcs
13.AC X-film viewer 1 set
14.Tablet PC 1 set
15.Multifunction foot pedal 1 pc
16.Import water / air tubing 1 set
17.Import electric valve 1 set
18.Built-in Water purified System 1 set
19.Dentist Stool 2 pcs
20.Injection Model Plastic


1.Power supply: AC220V,50HZ / AC110V,60HZ
2.Input power: 1200VA
3.Fuse specification: 51F F6.3AH250V 5.2*20mm
4.Operation light: AC12V/50VA . 
5.X-film viewer: AC12V/1VA .
6.Water supply thermostat: AC24V/80VA.
7.Motor: DC24V/150VA .

Installation Diagram