Lovely Animal Design Children Dental Chair Unit  (Luxury Version and Standard Version can choose)


B-ultrasound Machine


LED curing light machine 


Lovely Panda Children Dental Chair Unit,Kids Dental Chair,External Whale Floor Box,Hand Cart,Microfiber Leather


Human Friendly Economical Dental Chair Unit


CE Approved,Dental Workstation Single Person Laboratory Equipments, Built-in Dust Collector,1.4M Length


Handheld Portable Digital Dental X-Ray Machine,Mobile Digital X-Ray Unit System,High-frequency Oral X-ray Machine
Description of Machine
1.S-TJ01 portable high-frequency X-ray machine is the sixth generation of high-frequency oral X-ray machine.
2.The tube voltage frequency is 30KHz, tube current is 0.1MA. Radiation range is only the front angle of 55.2 degrees, less than 1.2 meters away.
3.This is the first in our country, in the world is also out of the leading position, known as the "green X-ray machine." All components of the product are imported components and to achieve the whole digital control. Performance is more stable and reliable.
4.The type of small, spiritual is leading in domestic, the ball part is only 2.2 kg, it is convenient to visit and clinics daily use, storage does not take up extra space.
5.This product has an emergency stop function in shooting.
6.Using Toshiba 0.3 micro-focus tube, the image can be more clear and delicate and Accessories are imported components. Due to excellent product quality, devaluation ball tube warranty 5 years commitment.
7.There are vacuum components and high-pressure parts inside the machine, non-professionals prohibit opening so as not to damage the machine and cause personal injury.
8.In addition to the radiation outside except exposure tube part, the rest of the surrounding parts have been done to protect the shield. Ray detection is 0 and safe to use.
9.The machine can match the sensor to achieve non-film inspection, storage instead of x-ray film.


Lovely Cartoon Design Children Dental Chair Unit with A pad for cartoons display
1.Coordinated warm colors and a funny cartoon equipment , we believe that this environment can bring pleasure to dentists.                                
2.Many cartoon animals design and the dynamic design elements of the device can be used by dentists to interact with children. Diverting children's attention and eliminating their fears, make children trust in dentists, and ultimately reduce treatment time.                                
3.The cartoon-type children dental chair has the same treatment functions as the normal dental chair, such as chair/backrest lift, stoop, lamp, dental drilling, syringe, saliva suction, and instrument tray etc.
4.The seat cushions of the chair are all made by memory foam seat with ergonomic design, making the chair comfortable for children patient, and the extension seat is specially designed for children over 150cm in height.                                
5.The equipment chair is driven by a motor to move up and down. The maximum force of the motor reach at 8000N. The seat can bear the same weight as an adult dental chair .                                
6.The plastic cover of equipment are all molded by injection molding.with very good hardness and high precision. The color of plastic cover is directly produced by the mold and no need to be painted again to avoid paint loss.                                
7.The internal water, air pipe of the machine are all processed with high-quality polyurethane in America, also the high quality valve made in Europe are widely used in our children dental unit .The thickness of the structural steel is up to 12mm. The sheet metal fittings inside the chair are all made by stainless steel.      


Dental Parts Stainless Steel Disposable Dental Impression Trays/Stainless Steel the Plates(Flat)Large, Medium, Small


Dental Parts Stainless Steel Disposable Dental Impression Trays/Stainless Steel the Plates , Medium, Small


Dental Parts Stainless Steel Disposable Dental Impression Trays/Stainless Steel the Plates(Flat)Large, Medium, Small


Dental Diode Laser System Wireless laser Pen soft tissue Perio Endo Surgical